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How mailing bags are playing major role in e-commerce businesses

After 2020 when the world is still recovering from COVID, the trend of online shopping has become popular. One because of the Covid and secondly people have realized that shopping online is sheer convenience. This calls for major changes in strategies of e-commerce companies. When the customers are preferring to buy online then companies must be 100/100 in their mailing services and mailing bags. Now comes reconsider the packaging strategies which includes lowering your cost and increasing the money value.

In the UK, it is estimated that over 5 million tons of plastics are used every year. Almost half of which is packaging. That’s 2.5 million tons of packaging in circulation in the UK every year.

Here are the few factors which shows why investing in paper mailing bags is the need of the hour

With millions of packages sent every now and then, making the eco-friendly choice with eco-friendly packing will improve well-being and sustainability for millions of e-commerce companies. Paper mailing bags are a great place to start your eco-friendly packing journey. They’re pretty affordable, easy to open for customers and most importantly a more environment friendly option than traditional polythene/plastic postal bags.


When you are sending your goods off to customers or your clients you will want to provide enough protection meanwhile also not sending off unwanted and extra packaging that is hard to recycle or not good for the environment. This means you need to pay attention to what kind of postal bags you’re using.  Plastic mailing bags while being convenient, are quite difficult to recycle and often end up in the landfills and can make their way into waterways and other areas where they can be extremely dangerous to water life

Paper mailing bags are a good weapon instead of cheap mailing bags and in the war on plastic postal bags as not only do they offer good protection, but they are also very easy to recycle and ecofriendly. Many can be placed in standard wastepaper recycling which allows for easy disposal and reprocessing at recycling centers.

Paper mailing bags are also known as kraft paper bags. They are usually made of card and paper and are ideal for storage and mailing documents. Made from a mixture of hard cardboard and thick Kraft paper, the paper envelopes and small packages are widely used for all manner of smaller and flatter items that need some protection from dust and dirt and which also must remain rigid and unbending.


Benefits of Paper mailing bags


  • 100% Plastic Free

 Paper mailing bags unlike your regular polythene or plastic bags are 100% organic and plastic free. Paper mailing bags are made from high quality kraft paper Mailing Bags Are an Extremely Popular for Postal and Courier Distribution. Also Known as Poly Bags or Courier Bags or Mailing Sacks, These Are Widely Used by Marketing Centers, Online Distributors, eBay And Amazon Sellers Etc.


  • Fully Recyclable

The best thing about these kraft paper bags is that they are use use for eco-friendly packing.  Grey mailing bags or plastic mailing bags can be recycled as well but that process is harmful towards nature and can’t be fully recycled as well.


  • Used for multiple purposes

Paper mailing bags can be used for multiple purposes. You can also use them as personalized mailing bags according to your requirements. They can also be used as mailing bags for clothes and other flat objects that are not liquid. There are many wholesale mailing bags dealers who make personalized mailing bags like this. You can also use plain as well as printed mailing bags, again depending on your needs.


Paper mailing bags are strong because of the strong kraft paper used in their making. You can put certain amount of weight in them with no worries about your package.


  • Cost-effective

 Affordably priced and competitive against most plastic mailing bags. Less money spent and better results? Who won’t want that. You can also call paper mailing bags as cheap mailing bags because there is a remarkable difference in the pricing.


  • Easy to use

Paper mailing bags are very easy and convenient to use. While being cheap paper bags they are also very handy and come in different sizes and shapes so that you can choose accordingly.


 In conclusion, always opt for paper mailing bags instead of plastic mailing bags as they clearly have some major benefits over.